Friday, April 20, 2007

Failed Experiment: The Trials, Tribulations, and Terrific Teens on Tour

The best laid plans of mice and men...

It had been suggested that parents and other interested parties would like to follow the trip through a website; all we needed was a laptop and a way to download the photos.

Sounded reasonable.

Well it ain't that easy!

Since I did not have a laptop, I was using someone else's and it was difficult to coordinate a time when we both could be free from our official duties to sit down and post. It became impossible at a couple of hotels where there didn't seem to be any signal or it was slower than molasses dripping in a blizzard.

Then there were some late nights due to weather delays and two theatre productions (Songs of the Erie Canal and Mary Poppins)

By the time we rolled into the hotel, and completed the room checks etc. , we were too pooped to post!

However, the students were troopers and had a blast; they were truly an inspiration. The ones on my bus were almost angelic - really! (I LOVED them!)

Naturally the recent tragic events at Virginia Tech were sobering and also lead to the cancellation of our appearance on the CBS Morning Show. (All the morning shows in New York canceled their outdoor activities, out of respect).

Even the Statue of Liberty was closed down!

But we soldiered on!

So I'll be spending part of the weekend downloading photos with a bit of commentary. (Perhaps some students will stumble upon this and add their own observations.)

Stay tuned


Apple said...

It's too bad that the weather was so rotten the week that you were here. If we could control it, believe me we would! I'm glad you had an enjoyable group and I hope the kids took home some great memories and that they'll come back some time between late spring and early fall. We rarely get snow in July or August ;)

Mrs Mecomber said...

Sorry to hear that some things did not go as planned. But glad to see you enjoyed what you could!